Theatre/Film Publicist

Press Representative

  • The creation of two press releases including a long release for reviews and features and a succinct version for listings
  • Coordination of press distribution resulting in reviews, articles and listings for shows in newspapers, magazines, on-line publications and theater blogs
  • Promotion of clients and their productions through interviews on radio and television

Industry Publicist

For Actors:

  • Write an effective summary of the play or production, naming the creative team to distribute to agents, casting directors, managers and artistic directors of theatre companies.

For Playwrights:

  • Write an industry release to highlight the marketability of play and develop a strategy that best articulates play concept, targeting producers, artistic directors of non profit theatre companies, literary agents and film production companies

For Both:

  • Contact network of industry by calls and/or e-mails to promote the show and individual clients and schedule them to attend a performance when possible.
  • Contact the network of industry provided for me by individual clients.
  • Confirm industry reservations within an appropriate time prior to the dates scheduled.
  • Gather feedback from industry about the production and the work of the individual artist.
  • Provide a final list for clients of all industry attendees including names, contact information and whatever feedback has been offered by industry about their work and the production for the sake of follow-up.

Personal Publicist

  • Provide introductions for actors to agents, managers and casting directors
  • Write letters of introduction, Schedule meetings. Handle follow up
  • Garner press opportunities for actors involved in special projects including newly released films and solo shows.