Partial List of Credits


Theatre Companies

Aching Dogs Theater Company under the Artistic Direction of Pamela Scott

  • All The King’s Horses – written and directed by Pamela Scott with Gregg Prosser, Erika Longo and Kerry McGann at The Bridge Theatre
  • You’ll Be Happy When I’m Deadwritten by Bill Rutkowski, directed by Don Creedon Producers Club
  • New York Nuts  – series of short plays written and directed by company members Hudson Guild
  • Guy Walks Into a Bar – written and directed by Don Creedon Producers Club
  • Lunch Live! – Summertime scene event produced and directed by Pam Scott Dramatists Guild 
  • Cover Me – an evening of short plays presented in association with IAAM Productions Producers Club               

American Renaissance Theater Company  under the Artistic Direction of Kathleen Swan

  • Fastened to the Moon – a serio-comic absurdist tale by Linda Kampley directed by Kathleen Swan featuring Petra Dennison, Ryan Clardy*, Nick Walther, Donna Wandrey*,and Ryan Wesen at Chain Theater
  • Love, Sex and Real Estate – A fast paced farcical comedy by Bill Cosgriff directed by John D, McNally featuring Frank Hankey*, Rohan Lilian, Katharine McLeod*, Eric Percival* and Roger Hendricks Simon*at Chain Theater
  • WinterWorks 2018: LOOK ME IN THE EYES – One act plays, poems and a song about couples and coupling at The Director’s Studio of The Director’s Company
  • WinterWorks 2016: A Festival of New One Act Pays – featuring three programs of intimate one act plays developed in ARTC’s Workshop by a mix of seasoned theater professionals.

American Theatre of Actors          

  • Hamlet – by William Shakespeare, Directed by James Jennings with Thomas Leverton as Hamlet  and Jessica Jennings as Ophelia with Jane Culley, Garrett Dill, John Paul Harkins, Alan Hasnas

American Thymele Theatre

  • BACCHAE– by Euripides Directed by Lorca Peress starring Stephen Diacrussi* and a cast of 15 (Actors’ Temple Theatre, AMT Theater, Marilyn Monroe Theatre)

Battalion Theatre

  • This Is Our Youth – by Kenneth Lonergan, Directed by Gerrit Thurston with Dan Gonon, Gerrit Thruston and Hanna Kloepfer  Abingdon Theatre (Dorothy Strelsin Theatre)

Blue Coyote Theater Group

  • Why We Left Brooklyn – by Matthew Freeman Directed by Kyle Ancowitz with Rebecca Davis, David Del Grosso, Jay Leibowitz, Sarah K. Lippmann, Susan O’ Conner, Andrew Schwartz, Imran Sheikh, Moira Stone, and Matthew Trumbell Fourth Street Theater

Blue Panther

  • The Oy of Sex – written by and starring Alicia Dattner, directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher The Bridge @ Shetler Studios
  • Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood– written by and starring Dylan Brody, directed by Nancy Carlin, an international tour presented at Apollo Theater Chicago, Teatro Tinta Roja Barcelona, Canal Cafe London and The PIT Underground NYC

Brazen Theater

  • The Miss Longview Texas Drag Pageant – written and directed by Mark Hooker John DeSotelle Studio: Times Square Arts 

Capolavori Productions

  • The Red and The Black – Written by and Directed by Deloss Brown with Lucas Wells*, Krista Adams Santilli*, Jeremy Johnson*, Brian Linden*, Keth Herron*, Jessica Myhr*, Katie Burton* and Philip J. Rossi St. Clements  (*member of Actors Equity)

Craftswoman Productions

  • Pizza Man – Written by Darlene Craviotto, Directed by Daniél Cohen with Shira Hadad, Raquel Gomez and Lucas Niedzialski at Producers Club Sonnet Theater

Earl Productions

  • A Brush with Georgia O’Keeffe -written by and starring Natalie Mosco, featuring Virginia Roncetti and David Lloyd Walters, directed by Robert Kalfin and presented by Briana Seferian with Edmund Gaynes and Julia Beardsley St. Luke’s Theatre 
  • Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh – written by Joel Gross, directed by Robert Kalfin, featuring Amanda Jones, Jonathan Kells Phillips, Samantha Ives and Hugo Salazar Jr., presented by Briana Seferian St. Luke’s Theatre 


  • The Tragedy of Dandelion-written by Duncan Pflaster, directed by Joan Kane with Lousie Flory, Kelly Zekas, Maria Peyramaure*, Kate Dickenson,Calaine Schafer, Shannon Stowe*, Mim Granahan*, Dianne Diep and Susan Wallack at Urban Stages 
  • 100 Saints You Should Know-written by Kate Foder, directed by Joan Kane, with Rosie Cosch, Eric Percival, Carilyn Cutillo, Phoenix Lee, and Annette Hunt* at Urban Stages 2013
  • I Know What Boys Want– written by Penny Jackson, directed by Joan Kane with Sara Hogrefe*, Dara O’Brien*, Janace Amano, Kimberly Diamond, Lauren D. Salvo, Liam Rhodes*, Teddy Lytle and Nick Vennekotter (*Member of Actors Equity) at WorkShop Main Stage

Flux Theatre Ensemble

  • DEINDE– by August Schulenburg, directed by Heather Cohn with Sol Crespo, Ken Glickfeld, Rachael Hip Flores, Alyssa Simons, Isaiah Tanenbaum and Matthew Trumbell  Secret Theatre
  • Ajax in Iraq – by  Ellen Mc Laughlin directed by August Schulenburg with Tiffany Clementi, Sol Crespo, Joshua Koopman, Mike Mihm, Stephen Conrad Moore, Lori E. Parquet, Anna Rahn  Christina, Shipp Raushanah    Simmons, Chudney Sykes and Chinaza Uche Flamboyan Theatre
  • Dog Act – by Liz Duffy Adams, directed by Kelly O’Donnell, with Becky Beyers, Liz Douglas, Lori E. Parquet, Julian Stetkevych and Chris Wight  Flamboyan Theatre
  •  Jacob’s House – written by August Schulenburg, directed by Kelly O’Donnell, featuring Johanna Adams, Matthew Archambault, Zack Calhoun, Tiffany Clementi, Kelly Holsopple Bianca Jones, Jane Lincoln Taylor, Isaiah Tanenbaum and Anthony Wills Access Theatre Gallery 

Hypokrit Theatre Company

  • Romeo & Juliet – by William Shakespeare, directed by Arpita Mukerjee, featuring Aizzah Fatima, Gerrard Lobo, Morgan DeTogne, Kabir Chopra, Ashtin Muniz, Anand Ray, Shubhra Prakash, Esubio Arenas and Elizabeth Wessa at Access Theatre

Hudson Guild  Theatre Company

  • A Five Mile Radius by Tasha Partee directed by Jim Furlong and Devin Klos  featuring Stacey Wright*, Michelle Quintero, Danielle Patsakos*, Anthony Roberts II, Alex Lugo, Tasha Partee, Manuel Estevez, Kim Gardner*, Ashley Woolcock*, Michelle Tokarczyk, Jim Furlong presented on the Hudson Guild YouTube Channel

Independent Productions

  • A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx by Gary Morgenstein directed by Bernice Garfield- Szita featuring Jackie Kusher*, Andrea Bell Wolff*, Mike Roche*, Holly O’Brien*, Marina Rebecca Chan and Spencer Neumann at Chain Theater
  • Adventures in Vegas a wildly fun musical escapade starring Andrea Bell Wolff* featuring Elliot Litherland* directed by Jimmy Larkin* at AMT Theater
  • The Way We Get By by Neil Labute directed by Kim T. Sharp with Francesca Ravera and André Valthey at Urban Stages
  • Maker of Worlds by Wendy S. Schmidt directed by Jeri Fredrickson with Amy Gorelow at Theater for the New City 
  • Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley directed by Aimee Fortier with Brian Patrick Murphy and Lisa Fernandez at Theatre Under St. Marks
  • Larvae by Kelsey Torstveit directed by Will Detlefsen, incidental music by David Bird, with Kelsey Torstveit and Joe Pietropaolo at Alchemical Theatre Lab

Ivy Crest Theatre Company:

  • Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth directed by Erica Silberman with David Newer*, Kelly Kozakvich and Lacy Marie Meyer, and North of Providence directed by David Newer with Lauren Duffy and James McClosky – Two One Acts by Edward Allan Baker at Davenport Theatre

  John DeSotelle Studio Theater

  • Awake And Sing! – by Clifford Odets, directed by John DeSotelle, featuring Margot Singolese, Charles Dinstul, Michael Cintrinti, Brian Poteat, Bobby Kruger, Spencer Carter, Annie R. Such, and Edward Kuenehmann at John DeSotelle Studio               

  JMTC Theatre Company

  • 3 From JMTC 2020 at The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios:
  • Circle – written and directed by Suzanne Bachner featuring Bob Brader and Kat Nardizzi
  • Smoker – by Bob Brader, directed by Suzanne Bachner, starring Bob Brader
  • The Good Adoptee written and directed by Suzanne Bachner starring Hayley Palmer
  • 3 From JMTC @ APAP:
  • Smoker – by Bob Brader, directed by Suzanne Bachner, starring Bob Brader at The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios
  • Spitting in the Face of the Devil – by Bob Brader, directed by Suzanne Bachner, starring Bob Brader
  • The Good Adoptee – Written and directed by Suzanne Bachner, starring Anna Bridgforth

 Kairos Italy Theater

  • TOSCANA, Or What I Remember – by Marta Mondelli, directed by Tara Elliott, featuring Scott Barton*, Kat Kim, Marta Mondelli,  and Lance Olds* at Cherry Lane Studio Theatre * Member of Actor’s Equity        

LES Shakespeare Company

  • BEE, a new work created and directed by Melody Erfani, written by Sean Michael Welch HB Studio First Floor Residency Project in November 2017 and again at  124 Bank Street Theater June 2018
  • Twelfth Night – by William Shakespeare, directed by Melody Erfani with Peter Collier, Gina Doherty, Mike Maloney, Peter Marciano, Sarah Miles, Kathleen O’ Neal and Ben Sheedy at Poco, Parkside Lounge, Cakeshop, Treehouse Theatre, Lucky Jack’s
  • Romeo & Juliet – by William Shakespeare, directed by Melody Erfani, featuring Adriana Bohmier, Kevin Delano, Edlyn Griffin, Byron Hagan, Sean Hinckle, Ariel Laryn, J.P. Makowski, Mike Maloney, Sarah Miles and Devin Tillman at Under St. Marks Theater
  • Antigone – by Sophocles, directed by Melody Erfani, featuring Adriana Bohmier, Patrick Falcon, Chantelle Goulevitch, Kevin Mackenzie Mejia, Mike Maloney, Emily Shankman, Jae Woo, Yokko and Zackery Betty at Paradise Factory, Downstairs Theatre

MultiStages Company

  • The Island of No Tomorrows – by Fengar Gael, directed by Lorca Peress Interart Theatre
  • Hell and High Water or Lessons for When the Sky Falls – written by Jamuna Yvette Sirker, directed by Lorca Peress Hudson Guild Theatre
  • The Judas Tree – written by Fengar Gael, directed by Lorca Peress Teatro La Tea
  • Knowing Bliss – by Arden Kass, directed by Lorca Peress with Blanche Baker Teatro La Tea

Nascent Productions

  • Defendant Maurice Chevalier –  a new play by Alexis Chevalier, directed by Alex Notkin featuring Ken Straus, Deanna Jelardi, Kian Kavousi, Matthew Serra, Micah Stinson, Ben Rademacher, Sam Schall, Alexandra Kainoa and Miah Kane at American Theatre of Actors, John Cullum Theatre

OPS Project

  • A Global Dionysus in Napoli: The (Un) Real Story of Marcello Colasurdo -a multi-media Theatre Event created by Nicola Ciancio, Giuliana Ciancio and Paolo Favero La Mama ETC.

Peculiar Works Project

  • Androboros: Villain of The State America’s first published play by Robert Hunter, adapted by S.M. Dale, directed by Ralph Lewis -Fraunces Tavern Museum

Queens Theatre in the Park

  • Vine Tata (Daddy’s Coming) -Irina Eremia Bragin, directed by Tom Rowan Queens Theatre in the Park, Studio Theatre 

Red Shark Productions

  • WINE AND SPIRITS -by Thomas Ott, directed by Mel Williams with Carolyn Seiff, Christine Seisler, Carla Briscoe, Zoe Anastassiou, Heily Heisick, Ryan Salvato and Scott Zimmerman The Playroom Theater

Storm Theatre Company

  • The Rainmaker- by N. Richard Nash, directed by Peter Dobbins with Matthew Provenza, Fleur Alys Dobbins, Ken Trammel, Jim E. Chandler, Sean Cleary, Jim Haines The Sheen Center
  • Le Cid- by Pierre Cornielle, directed by Peter Dobbins with Spencer Aste, Brian J. Coffey, Dinh Q. Doan, Meaghan Bloom Fluitt, Cheri Paige Fogelman, Jeff Kline, Jessica Levesque Theatre at the Church of Notre Dame
  • The Presidentby Ferenc Molnar, directed by Peter Dobbins with David Bodenschatz, Laura Mc Cleary, Brian Coffey, Gregory Couba, Ashton Crosby, Joe Danbusky, Meghan Bloom Fluitt,  Cheri Paige Fogelman, Robert Ierardi, Jessica Levesque, Sawyer Mastrandrea, Ted McGuinness, Becca Pesce and Josh Vasquez Theatre at the Church of Notre Dame 
  • Marius – by Marcel Pagnol, directed by Peter Dobbins with Gerard Adimando, Gabe Bettio, David Bodenschatz, Laura Bozzone, Ross DeGraw, Benjamin Jones, Dianna Martin, Anthony Russo, Jose Sanchez
  • The London Merchantby George Lillo, directed by Peter Dobbins with Spencer Aste, Joe, Danbusky, Michelle Kafel, Jessica Myhr, Megan Stern, Patrick Woodall, Harlan Work
  • Arrah-Na-Pogueby Dion Boucicault, directed by Peter Dobbins with Ted Mc Guinness Michelle Kafel, Sawyer Mastrandrea, Paul Nugent Theatre at the Church of Notre Dame
  • Time of Your Lifeby William Saroyan, directed by Peter Dobbins at Church of St. Mary’s

 Teatro Italiano Network

  • The Window – written by Marta Mondelli, directed by Shira Lee Shalit with Cristina Lippolis, Marta Mondelli and Scott Freeman Cherry Lane Theatre

The Womens Lab

  • The Architecture of Becoming – Exclusively for director Lydia Fort: New York City Center Stage II 

Turn to Flesh Productions

  • Cupid & Psyche – written and directed by Emily Snyder with James Parenti, Erin Nelson, Laura Hooper, Gwenevere Sisco, Parker Madiosn, Stan Buturla, Laura Iris Hill, Kelly Zekas, Patrick Marron and Jon Adam Ross  The Barrow Group Theatre 

Vertigo Theater Company

  • The Living Room Series: Featuring Three Short Plays by Padriac Lillis directed by James Fauvell, produced by Nicol Moeller and Alexandra Renzo Poverty Row Loft

Virago Theatre Company

  • The Singularity written by Crystal Jackson, directed by Amy Fowkes with Laura Lundy-Paine, Dan Fagan, Michael Vega The Flea 
  • AROUSAL and The Lover by George Pfirrmann and Harold Pinter directed by Chloe Bronzan with Laura Lundy Paine and Dan Fagan featuring Michael Vega The Flea 

White Fence Productions

  • Holy Child – by Joe Lauinger, directed by Sue Glausen, with John Blaycock, Dono, Cunningham, Jerry Ferris, Paul Montagna, Annie Paul Arias Off-Off Broadway Theatre

Workshop Theater Company – MainStage Productions

  • The Golden Year -written by Daniel Damiano, directed by Kathleen Gail MacGowan with Ellen Barry*. Gerry Goodstein* and Joesph Franchini* (*member of Actors Equity)
  • Miss Lulu Bett – Pulitzer Prize winning play by Zona Gale in celebration of Women’s History Month, directed by Kathleen Brant 
  • Interchange – written by Ken Jaworowski, directed by Thomas Coté  
  • From Russia with Angst – five one act plays based on the work of Anton Chekhov written and directed by member playwrights and directors
  • Next Year in Jerusalem – written by Dana Leslie Goldstein and directed by Rob McIntosh
  • Moonlight & Love Songs – written by Scott Sickles, directed by David Gautschy
  • A Memory Playby Bob Stewart, directed by Gary Levinson


New York International Fringe Festival

  • Serving Brûlée – humorous post #MeToo reckoning of societal standards by Soné Anandpara directed by Chelsea B. Lockie featuring Soné Anandpara with Ivy Hong and Emma Cavalier 
  • Mother Emanuel – An American Musical conceived and directed by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, written by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, Adam Mace and Christian Lee Branch Soho Playhouse Overall Excellence Award for A Musical
  • A History of Servitude – A contemporary Commedia del’Arte play presented by The Department of Fools, The Clemente Lounge 
  • Mrs. Schrodinger’s Cat – written and directed by Tasha Nicole Partee Teatro SEA 
  • The American Play – written by Ashley Jacobson, directed by Darren Johnston Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre
  • America’s Next Top – written and performed by by Julie Novak, directed by Eva Tenuto Under St. Marks Theater
  • Forgetting The Details -written and performed by Nicole Maxali, directed by Paul Stein White Box Theater 
  • The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children -written and performed by Matthew Trumbell, directed by Matthew Freeman Players Theatre  FringeNYC Encore Series
  • Big Dummy, me and my old man – written and performed by Mary Dimino, directed by Christine Renee Miller Players Theatre
  • In the Summer Pavilion– written by Paul Young, directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan featuring Meena Dimian, Ryan Barry and Julia Taylor Ross. Produced by Go Into Her Room Productions Living Theatre
  • Protected – written and directed by Timothy Scott Harris featuring Dee Dee Friedman, Cam Kornman, Jeff Paul, Bill Tatum and Matt Walker Connelly Theatre
  • Scared Skinny – written by and starring Mary Dimino, directed by Christine Miller Paradise Factory
    Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Solo Show

Other Representative Fringe Productions Include: 

  • Hot Cripple a solo show written by and featuring Hogan Gorman; produced by Small Pond Entertainment. Outstanding Solo Show
  • Broken Hands – by Moby Pomerance, directed by Marc Weitz, Winner-Best Play and Best      
    Performance by an Actor
    —Selected for Fringe NYC Encore Series

The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF)

  • Love Stinks – written by Kate Plumb Rader, directed by Joan Kane, with Rosie Cosch* and Matthew C. Hammond
  • Seal Songs – written by Jennifer Fell Hayes and directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan, featuring Katie Atcheson and Richard Kent Green
  • How to Make an American Family – written and performed by Jeff Seabaugh and directed by  Samuel Buggeln
  • Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earpa new musical by Brandon Wood directed by Theresa Fallon
  • Ethan’s People– by Richard L. Gaw directed by Rose Ginsberg, produced by Buds of May

NYC Euripides Free Summer Festival Series:  American Thymele Theatre – Stephen Diacrussi,Producer

Venues–  East River Park Amphitheatre, Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell &  ATA’s Chernuchin Theatre

  • Hippolytus – directed by Stephen Diacrussi
  • Children of Hercules – directed by Stephen Diacurssi
  • Medea – directed by Nichole Hamilton featuring Danijela Popovic as Medea
  • Alcestis – directed by Lorca Peress

 New York Musical Festival (NYMF)

  • Pedro Pan – Winner of the 2017 NYMF Developmental Reading Series Award with book by Rebecca Arparicio with music and lyrics by Stephen Elkins presented at the Acorn Theatre on Theatre Row featuring Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Tony Award Winner RENT), Genny Lis Padilla, Natalie Toro, Gregory Diaz IV, Taylor Caldwell, Julian Silva, Cherry Torres, Diego Lucano, Sisley Carretas. Casting by Jason Styres – Broadway’s A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.
  • Mother Divine– Book and lyrics by Laurel Klinger Vartabedian, music by Bill Evans, directed by Adam Hester choreography by Randy Davis, Julianne Merrill musical director at PTC Performance Space
  • The Family FiorelliBook and lyrics by Fred Marco, music by Alastair King, directed by Robert Bartley  choreography by Jessica Redish, Mark Janis musical director at TBG Theater

 Planet Connections Festivity

  • ELEPHANT – written by Eve Meiling Pollitt with direction by Akia and Anna Maureen Hogan with Raiane Cantisano, Ita Korenzecher, Laura Lamberti, Eric Parness William Serri, Maera Daniel Hagage, Maggoe Kissenger, Michael Pichardo and Danielle Bee Smotrich at Flamboyan Theatre at The Clemente
  • In the Wildernesswritten by John Kearns directed by Richard P. Butler with Cristina Torres, Nirayl Wilcox, Octavia Chavez Richmond, Marilyn Mineo and Hannah Timmons at Bleecker Street Theatre 


  • Steeplechase – written by Chris Nelson and directed by Maridee Slater at Hudson Guild Theater
  • The Heist – written and directed by  Pamela Scott with Jason Asher, Mike Backes*, Andy McCain, Mark Montalbano and Gregg Prosser at Hudson Guild Theatre

United Solo Festival

  • The Bark & The Tree – written by and starring Vivian Nesbitt at Theatre Row Studio Theatre
  • L.A Unified – written by and starring David Newer, directed by Erica Silberman
  • Auditions, Zoe’s Auditionswritten by and starring Suzanna Geraghty, directed by Joel Jeske

Downtown Urban Theater Festival

  • Gravy – written and directed by Dana Tarantino with Debra Toscano and Tony Chirolde HERE 

East to Edinburgh at 59 E 59 Theaters

  • Expiration Date –written by Rose Marie Brandwein and directed by Cheryl King with Jean Brookner*, Andrew Rothkin*, KC Weakly, Dara O’ Brien*, and Emil Keller*

IST Irish Festival

  • Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions: Part 2 – Written and performed by Suzanna Geraghty, directed by Andy Crook at Drilling Company Theater

Solo Shows

  • 3 Egg Creams  written and directed by George Cameron Grant, performed by Vince Bandille at The Cutting Room
  • Off The Desk (Tales of A Mediocre Stockbroker) – written and performed by Chris Foley, directed by Padraic Lillas WorkShop Theater Mainstage
  • BIKE SHOP, The Musical – written and performed by Elizabeth Barkan, directed by Gretchen Cryer Theater for the New City
  • Dirty Paki Lingerie – written and performed by Aizzah Fatima, directed by Erica Gould John Jay College Black Box Theater 2014
  • Tree of Hope, Remain Strong– written and performed by Leila Satie, directed by Susan Batson Times Square Arts Center
  • We Love You, But No! -written and performed by June Daniel White, directed by Austin Pendleton Kraine Theater 
  • Open Hearts – written and performed by Miriam Kulick, directed by Gretchen Cryer Studio Theater, Theatre Row Theatres
  • Dating Depression and Dirtbags: A Love Story – written and performed by Elza Zagreda, directed by Joan Kane Stage Left Studios  
  • Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions Part 2 written and performed by Suzanna Geraghty, Andy Crook directorial and movement consultant 1st Irish Festival: The Drilling Company Theater
  • The Accidental Pervert written and performed by Andrew Goffman, directed by Charles Messina  13th Street Repertory  
  • Corn Bread and Fetta Cheese…Growing Up Fat and Albanian – written and performed by Elza Zagreda, directed by Vincent Marano Players Theatre

Staged Readings

  • Rushmore: The Fifth Man – written by Rose-Marie Brandwein, directed by J.K. Musser, Polaris North
  • Loss – written and directed by Deloss Brown with music by Bob Trien and lyrics by Deloss Brown with Tara Frederickson, James Plante and Jessica Eleanor Grant, Shetler Studio One
  • Our Mutual Friend – written by Elizabeth and Larry Gelb with music and lyrics by Larry Gelb, adapted from the book by Charles Dickens Actors Temple Theatre
  • Tambourinewritten by Juel Wiese, directed by Gloria Alaya Bridge Theatre, Shetler Studios 
  • The Red and the Black: Part One – written and directed by Deloss Brown Shetler Studio One  
  • Expiration Datewritten by Rose-Marie Brandwein, directed by J.K. Musser Stage Left Studio

School Showcases

  • Song of Showcase – Michael Howard Studio 1st Year Showcase 2019 written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, co-writer Michael Bergen Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • La Vie En Showcase – Michael Howard Studio 1st Year Showcase 2018 written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, co-writer Michael Bergen Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • Love Letters to My Children – Selected for “Strasberg Works” written by Rotem Weiner, directed by Charles Ouda Lee Strasberg Theatre
  • Lee Strasberg Conservatory Spring Grad 2016 Performances under the direction of Lorca Peress and Matthew Gregory at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Lee Strasberg Theatre
  • Lee Strasberg Conservatory Fall Grad 2015 Performances under the direction of Matthew Gregory at Lee Strasberg Theatre
  • Showcaseoploy – Michael Howard Studios 1st Year 2016 Showcase  written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • Pretty Little Showcase– Michael Howard Studio 1st Year 2015 Showcase written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • James Franco’s Studio 4 presents 1959 Pink Thunderbird Convertible, 2 plays by James McLure: Laundry and Bourbon and Lone Star at Producers Club Royal Theater with Reema Sampat, Christine Pierce, Tim Cordell and Steven Anderson
  • Lee Strasberg Conservatory 2014 Performances under the direction of George Loros, Geoffrey Horne and George Loros at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
  • Snow White and The Beastan original play by Mathilde Dehaye, directed by Renoly Santiago at Lee Strasberg Theatre Insititute 
  • The Place We BuiltNYU Tisch School Showcase with Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute written by Sarah Gaucher, directed by Portia Kriegar Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
  • Orange is The New ShowcaseMichael Howard Studio 1st Year 2014 Showcase written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio 
  • How To Get Away With Showcase – Michael Howard 2nd Year 2014 Conservatory Showcase written and directed by Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • In Private: An Evening With Hollywood Icons – Michael Howard 2nd Year Conservtory Michael Howard Studio 2017
  • The Book of Showcase – Michael Howard Studio 1st Year 2013 Showcase written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak, Director: Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio 
  • Michael Howard 2nd Year Showcase 2016 – directed by Gabrielle Berberich at Abingdon Theatre
  • Fifty Shades of Showcase – written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak directed by Gabrielle Berberich
  • Is That You God? It’s Me, SHOWCASE! – written by Gabrielle Berberich and Greg Chwerchak directed by Gabrielle Berberich at Michael Howard Studio
  • Eat, Pray, Showcase – written and directed by Gabriel Berberich at Michael Howard Studio 
  • 2 Night Stand – written and directed by Gabriel Berberich Michael Howard Studio 
  • An Amazing evening of Stupefying Brilliance – written and directed by Rachel Hamilton, featuring the students of Michael Howard and Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studio
  • A Collection of Scenes – presented by 15 graduates of the William Esper Studio
  • Scenes of Love and Hate – a scene night featuring recent graduates of the William Esper Studio Studio Theatre on Theatre Row
  • An Actors Scene Night – Paul LeMos Workshop at the Barrow Group

 * Indicates Member of Actors Equity Association